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Contingent Staffing: Your Solution to Reducing Fixed Costs

Looking for temporary or project-based employees? Myriad Staffing Solutions can help you reduce your fixed costs with our contingent staffing services. Our extensive network of qualified candidates can provide the talent you need for short-term or specific projects. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your staffing needs.


Choosing Myriad Staffing Solutions

Economical Solution

By utilizing our Contingent Staffing service, your company can potentially save costs compared to hiring full-time employees. This is because you can bring in staff only when they are required, avoiding the cost of full-time salaries and benefits.

Talent Diversity

With Myriad Staffing Solutions, your company can tap into a diverse pool of highly qualified candidates with a range of skills and expertise. This enables you to identify and select the ideal fit for your specific needs, ensuring that you have the right talent for the job.

Risk Mitigation

Contingent staffing offers your company the opportunity to test a new employee or project before committing to a full-time hire, reducing the risk of making a wrong decision. By assessing the performance of a contingent employee or project, your company.

Regulatory Adherence

Myriad Staffing Solutions takes care of all legal and compliance requirements, such as taxes, insurance, and employment laws, ensuring that your company remains fully compliant. By entrusting these crucial responsibilities to us, you can avoid potential legal issues and fines, and focus on your core business operations.



Adopting a Contingent Staffing Approach

We will explore how our client implemented a contingent staffing strategy to address its fluctuating staffing needs. Contingent staffing refers to the practice of hiring temporary or contract workers to meet a company’s immediate workforce needs.




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